General Manger
Brief info

Beth joined the clinic in January of 2005, she spends a lot of the workday traveling between the clinics, laughing with her coworkers & meeting new clients and their pets. Beth lives on a farm in Corydon, IA with her husband, Joel and their four kids, Aiden, Cooper, Keenan & Allyson. She has two dogs & one cat. If Beth wasn’t so good at her job, she believes she would be a florist or work in a greenhouse. Beth is a dog person; her favorite dog breed is the Great Pyrenees. She enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, fashion, boating and vacationing in warm and sunny places! If Beth was a superhero, her power would be to teleport. She prefers not to waste time traveling. Beth's favorite colors are red and yellow, mainly because she is a die-hard Cyclone fan!