Brief info

Dr. Trisha Webb graduated from high school in Pleasantville, IA where she grew up on a farm. She received her undergraduate degree and D.V.M. at Iowa State University, where she graduated in May 2018. She also received her M.P.H. from the University of Iowa in May 2018. Trisha currently lives in Oskaloosa with her husband Brock. Together they enjoy hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors.

Trisha works with both large and small animals, rotating between the Knoxville and Oskaloosa clinics. If Trisha wasn’t so good at being at vet, she said she would be hiking around trails out West leading tourists at a national park, either Glacier or Yosemite. The advice should we give to others who may want to join our veterinarian team at Animal Health Center is they must be “willing to work in a fast-paced environment but still like to have a lot of fun.” Trish shares that “at Animal Health Center, we strive for the best care of our furry friends but are blessed to work with not only awesome patients but great people! There’s a lot of history at these clinics– especially in Ottumwa– but we’re very excited for the future growth of our practice to give our patients the highest quality care!”