The long, hot days of summer will soon be winding to an end, which means the days of fun, sun and adventuring with your dog are limited for the rest of the year. Beat the end-of-summer blues and take advantage of the last days of summertime by creating an end-of-summer bucket list!

Below are a few ideas to help you soak up the last days of summer before the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler:

  • Have a Sprinkler Party

Splish and splash while watering the grass! Your dog will love to run and chase you through the sprinklers as a way to cool down while staying active on hot summer days. It is also a fun way to quench their thirst!

  • Go on a Picnic

Stake out your favorite outdoor spot to soak up a bit of nature with your pets – all while eating delicious food! Enjoy a long walk before settling down to rest and enjoy your meal. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a special dog treat or long-lasting chew for Fido while you enjoy your human feast.

  • Bring your Dog to Work

Do you work in a pet-friendly office? If so, ask your boss or office manager if you can bring in your furry friend to meet your co-workers! It allows your dog to spend more time with you while promoting positive interactions and consequentially decreasing stress in your workplace.

  • Go on a Hike

Is there a trail or hiking path close by that you’ve always wanted to explore? Maybe there is a state park a few hours away that you’ve been wanting to take a day trip to? Bring your dog along to explore! Be sure your dog is up-to-date on his or her flea, tick and heartworm preventative before venturing through any damp wooded area or patches of tall grass.

  • Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

You don’t always have to leave your four-legged friend behind when going on vacation! Find a dog-friendly hotel in the destination you’re looking to visit and consider scheduling a few dog-friendly activities when you get there – whether it is visiting a dog-friendly restaurant that allows dogs to sit on the patio or renting a paddleboard for your dog to sit on as you explore a close by lake.

  • Go Shopping at a Dog-Friendly Store

You may be surprised at how many stores allow you to bring your dog inside! Here are 33 dog-friendly stores that you can bring your dog into (Half Price Books, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot to name a few). Bring Fido on your next shopping trip or errand run!

  • Go Swimming

Swimming is a great way to cool off, get some exercise and have a little fun at the same time! Find a dog-friendly swimming area near you – whether it’s your own pool, a nearby lake or a dog-friendly event at a local aquatic center and take advantage of these hot summer days. For dogs that aren’t natural swimmers, be sure to put a life jacket on them!

  • Party with Other Pups If your dog is social and friendly with other dogs, consider having an end-of-summer backyard BBQ in a fenced yard or local park. Bring a kiddie pool for the dogs to splash in to keep cool and lots of frozen treats. Also, consider posting in a local breed-specific group to coordinate a meetup.
  • Volunteer Together

There are many opportunities available to give back with your dog! Consider tackling a charity walk or 5K that allows dogs to participate with their owners. Or, look into options for donating your dog’s blood to help save the life of another pet. For longer-term volunteer options, research local organizations that can help you train your dog to be a part-time therapy dog.

  • Chronicle your Fun with an Instagram Account for your Dog

Don’t forget to capture all the excitement your end-of-summer bucket list by taking pictures! Create an Instagram account or another social media platform for your pet to showcase how much fun you’re having – and continue to update the account regularly.

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