There is nothing like receiving a playful purr or snuggly head bunt from your affectionate cat! Cats often get a bad rep as being independent and aloof compared to their canine counterparts, but true cat owners know that cats can be just as affectionate and social as any other pet. Their silly tendencies to hide in odd places, bop things off of tables, and squeeze into small containers are just a few of the many quirks that make them so darn cute and lovable. If your cat is a cuddler, give him or her a hug today in celebration of National Hug Your Cat Day!

Other Ways to Show Your Cat Love:

Use interactive toys to play: Cats love to use their predatory instinct with interactive toys. Whether it’s using a wand toy, a puzzle toy, a climbable cat gym, or even flinging an elastic hair tie around the room, your cat will enjoy the physical activity while the predator-prey play helps keep them mentally stimulated as well. Interactive games can increase the bond you share with them and build confidence in shy pets.

Try some training: Cats are very trainable! They enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to be rewarded with treats. Whether it’s teaching them useful behaviors or novelty tricks, teaching your cat to behave in certain ways can help them become more social and comfortable around humans and other animals. It will also help build upon the bond between you and your cat.

Give your cat a massage: Simply stroking your cat from nose to tail gives them an all-over feel-good massage that has been known to alleviate their anxiety and lower their blood pressure (it can act as a stress reliever for you, too!). Make sure you pay special attention to the places your cat likes best, such as the base of their tail or under their cheeks. While you’re petting them, perform a quick wellness check to check for any mats, lumps, bumps, or sores that may need to be looked at by a vet.

Get a little crazy with some catnip: Does your cat go crazy over catnip? If so, show them some love by giving them catnip-enriched toys or use the spray as a training tool by rubbing a scratching post with catnip to make it more appealing. Sprinkle a little bit of the herb on your cat’s bed or favorite pillow and watch them lick, chew and roll head-over-tail in kitty bliss.

Love your cat by giving it the proper care it needs:

Cats need to go to the vet every six months to a year to stay up-to-date on their vaccines and for wellness exams. As they age, they may even need to visit the vet more frequently depending on their health. Cats can hide pain and discomfort well, so it often takes the trained eye of a vet to see when something is wrong. Call your preferred Animal Health Center clinic to book your cat’s appointment today.