It’s officially 2022 and if you’re like us, you’ve put together some New Year’s resolutions. While cultivating your resolutions for the year, be sure to include daily walks with your dog on the list! 

As you’re busy working (whether in the office or at home) your dog is looking forward to any chance to be with you, and establishing a designated time to be active with your dog during the day will be beneficial to their physical and mental health for a lifetime. Not to mention – your health will benefit too!

January is the perfect time to put this resolution into place – not only because it’s a new year, but because it marks National Walk Your Dog Month! Here’s how else your dog will benefit from daily walks. 

Strong Overall Health

Regular exercise will reduce your pet’s chances of heart diseases and other illnesses and will lead to less digestive problems. Daily walks have also been proven to lessen your dog’s susceptibility to urinary infections as walking stimulates urination and eliminates harmful bacteria.

Healthy Weight 

Overweight dogs are less active and are prone to heart diseases and depression as well as arthritis and diabetes. Daily walks, however, will prevent obesity in your dog and will play a major role in maintaining their healthy weight. 

Good Dog Behaviors 

Most of the time when dogs fall into bad habits, such as chewing or digging, it’s out of boredom because they have extra energy. By focusing your dog’s energy toward daily walks and exercise, they will be less likely to pursue unwanted behaviors. A dog that performs daily exercise will bark less and will be less hyperactive.


Similar for humans, regular exercise will improve your dog’s confidence and reduce their anxiety. If you have a shy dog, daily walks that eventually lead up to public areas (such as at the park) will help them become more outgoing and happy.

As you begin your daily dog walks this winter, be sure to keep your pet safe from cold weather elements. This includes bundling them up with a puppy coat, covering their paws with booties, and wiping down their paws to ensure they don’t consume harmful sidewalk salt. Consider purchasing dog-safe ice melt!

Finally, the duration, daily frequency, and difficulty (such as hiking, or jogging) of daily walks with your dog may vary according to their size and breed. However, with a consultation from any one of our Animal Health Center clinics, you and your dog will be well on your way to a happy and healthy life together. Call us today to speak with our care team or to schedule an appointment.