What we’ve all been waiting for is officially here – summer! Just like us, our pups are itching to make the most out of sunshiny days and summer activities. This is why we’ve brainstormed some fun, easy activities for you and your dog to enjoy together this summer – from training and agility activities to arts and crafts, there’s something for every pup to enjoy!

Build a Backyard Agility Course

Crafty dog owners can build their own DIY backyard obstacle course with some simple obstacles made with PVC pipe and some wood. To save time and labor, you could decide to purchase a kit. Just be sure to keep obstacles low for safety and to let your dog go at their own pace.

Go For a Swim

Whether it’s a lake, river, or beach, your dog might enjoy a refreshing swim session. You can play together in the water or toss a floating toy for them to retrieve. However, be sure to always supervise your dog and provide plenty of fresh water to discourage drinking while they swim. Not all dogs are naturals in the water, so make sure your dog is trained for swimming and consider putting them in a life jacket to boost their confidence.

Create Some Paw Art

Let your dog express their inner Da Vinci with some painting. All you need for your dog’s masterpiece is a large piece of paper and some nontoxic washable paints. Dip your dog’s paws in the paint and then encourage them to walk across the paper, making art as they go. When you’re satisfied with the results, finish off by giving your dog an outdoor bath.

Have a Neighborhood Dog Parade

Gather the dog owners in your neighborhood and organize a dog parade. It’s a good opportunity for the dogs to play and a good time for the owners to socialize. To add an extra dimension, include a used toy exchange – each owner can bring a toy their dog no longer uses.

Take a Field Trip to the Dog Park

Dogs generally love the excitement of the dog park. It’s a great place for dogs and their owners to meet new friends. Be sure to watch the interactions between the other dogs before you let your dog off leash. It’s important the experience is positive and not overwhelming. 

One more thing to add to this list is to visit your favorite Animal Health Center veterinarians! We have tools, tips, and resources to ensure your pet stays healthy this summer. Give us a call!