Our pets get sick and they can also act a little odd, more so than normal. A common blood test can tell us a lot about what is going on with our pets internally. In the case of an eye or ear infection, a diagnosis is generally straight forward. There are some cases however that require a more in depth look in to your pet’s health. In these cases, your veterinarian will order blood tests to aid in their investigation. Here are some examples of when your veterinarian would recommend getting a blood test done:

  • On the first veterinary visit
  • During semi-annual wellness exams
  • If your pet seems not quite right
  • Pre-surgical tests
  • During senior wellness exams

For cats, feline blood tests are recommended for mature, senior and geriatric cats as part of their periodic checkups. These are extremely beneficial, it is often the case to see senior cats return to a more youthful state of being when blood tests identify an issue that can be easily treated.

What Can Be Learned From Blood Tests

The results of blood tests are essential to helping veterinarians diagnose and treat medical conditions both within the blood itself, as well as in organs such as kidney and liver.